The legacy of the Walton & Johnson show continues after 4 decades as Steve Johnson hosts with longtime producer Ken Webster Jr. The show is a mix of comedy, politics, pop culture and history that pokes fun at the absurdity of everyday life. The Walton and Johnson Show can currently be heard on over a dozen radio stations around the Gulf Coast and beyond.

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The Difference

What sets Walton & Johnson apart is they say what everyone thinks, but is afraid to say. Whether the listener agrees or disagrees... They say out loud what everyone wishes they could. Do they take a lot of flak for it? Yes. But their knowledge and inarguable assessments of the nature of the beast is remarkable and compelling. No personality on the air today gives an audience such a diverse frame of thought as Walton & Johnson. No matter what they say, they do make you think.

The Successes

Walton & Johnson's Core Demo of 25-54 M consistently ranks #1 at all affiliates. Walton & Johnson have received numerous awards and accolades. In 2008 W&J were voted Houston's Favorite Morning Show and in 2009 they were voted #1 Morning Drive Show in Biloxi-Gulfport, MS, Favorite Morning Show Personality in Baton Rouge, LA and have also been voted Favorite Morning Show in New Orleans, LA.

The Guests

On any given morning you are likely to hear interesting conversations and performances by some of the show's dedicated VIP fans, famous comedians, high profile politicians, authors and musicians.

The 10%er's

A self-descriptive term for Walton & Johnson's listeners, since only the smartest, prettiest, and most sophisticated listener "gets" the satire and commentary.

The Books

Walton & Johnson's Book Club is considered by some par to Oprah's. When the guys speak of literary publications, sales of those prints experience a noticeable spike.

Show History